Sunday, 7 August 2016

Spotted Crake in Cheshire 30th July 2016

Mid summer and all was quiet. On 16th July, we headed over into Derbyshire along with the rest of Staffordshire's birders to see the 2s Sabine's Gull that had arrived at Carr Vale NR. 

The Carr Vale Sabine's Gull
For our next trip on 30th July, we had two choices - either the WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER in Lincolnshire or a trip to Lancashire and Cheshire where there was the chance of seeing a few more birds. In the end we headed north up the M6 (a good job as well because the WRS was only reported once early morning and that was it). 

The SPOTTED CRAKE at Burton Mere Wetlands usually showed in the afternoon, so we headed up to Southport and Marshside RSPB first where the full adult summer plumaged Cattle Egret was showing from the Sandgrounders hide, feeding amongst some cattle. You boys who insist on only seeing a bird once missed out on a real treat with this stunning beauty. Its my 13th seen in Britain, but more importantly, its my first in Lancashire, and only my 4th in full s/pl.

Cattle Egret at Marshside
We walked down to Nel's hide where the Glossy Ibis was feeding right in front of the hide, giving excellent views. Unfortunately, we were looking directly into the sun, but you just can't be a close up silhouetted Glossy Ibis can you. 

Just look at those colours!
And we finished the day at Burton Mere Wetlands where we managed to park right next to none other than the Clayheads No1 Stalker aka The Stalker, obviously stalking us again. We stood / sat in the visitors centre for just over two hours before we had crippling views of the juvenile Spotted Crake as it ran along the reed edge at the back of the scrape. There were nine Spoonbills, a Marsh Harrier and two Spotted Redshank to keep us occupied during the long wait.

Spoonbills at BMW