Sunday, 17 July 2016

Great Knot Titchwell RSPB July 2016

Following my initial flight views of the Titchwell Great Knot, I decided to head back down on the 2nd July for some better views. CJW was working, and everyone else was in Aberdeen twitching the WHITE-WINGED SCOTER so I made the trip alone again. The Great Knot had been showing well during the week at Holme and it was now following a pattern of roosting for most of the day. 

I arrived at Titchwell at 10:25hrs and went straight to the bank and had obscured views of the Great Knot as it roosted at the back of the main Knot flock. And this is how it stayed for the next four hours. I became an expert at watching a slightly taller and darker bird moving about in the flock. I was determine to get a photo and eventually I did: by which time as I'd sat in the hide for all of the time, my bum was numb and my legs were stiff. 

Below is my video taken over four hours. I know where the Great Knot is.


and these are photo's when it briefly showed in full view - the only time it did in four hours of constant watching.

Visible at the rear of the flock....just

Finally it showed

and it stayed on show..

but it went to sleep again...building up its strength as it flew off three days later