Sunday, 23 August 2015

Clayheads on Tour - A week on Lefkas

Taking advantage of the ailing Greek economy, myself & Mrs PJ decided on a cheap week in the sun as there are some cracking deals to be had at the moment especially in Greece. 
There would be no new birds on offer in Greece, there rarely are, but its very nice all the same and 100% better than being at work !! Our Studio was in the quiet resort of Ligia, habitat nearby mainly consisted of Olive groves and fields and there was also a partially dried up stream down the road which attracted a few bits & bobs.
Birds seen during a week of 'very' casual Birding included most of the usual suspects - Bee Eaters, Sardinian Warblers, Red rumped Swallows, Alpine Swifts, Little Owls etc..

Red-rumped Swallow

The stream produced Little Egrets, Common Sandpipers, a very confiding Greenshank, Black headed Wagtail and a Kingfisher 
The Butterfles & Dragonflies are always worth a look, there were varoius Dragonflies along the stream most of which I struggled to get close to and photograph but I did manage a decent pic of a Red veined Darter, and a Southern Gatekeeper was a tick for me.
Southern Gatekeeper
Red-veined Darter
We had a pleasant day on a boat trip visiting the remote islands of Kalamos & Kastos and once again as I have on previous visits to the smaller Greek islands I scanned the beaches & caves looking for Monk Seals. There are supposedly still a few of them around these Ionian island but once again I dipped out, the closet I got was seeing one their favourite caves, they were, of course, out for the day.
Monk Seal Cave


 Phil Jones August 2015