Friday, 27 January 2012

Thursday 26th January 2012 - Elton Hall Flash

It had been a funny week. I was getting up at 0400hrs everyday, and so I was able to do a little bit of birding on some afternoons. The only highlight from the beginning of the week was the appearance of a funny hybrid goose at Westport, probably either a Bar-headed x Barnacle or a Bar-headed x Farmyard. It only stayed two days, so it was probably a genuine hybrid.

On Thursday 26th, news came through at 11-30hrs that the GLOSSY IBIS was again at Sandbach. This bird was proving to be a bit of a bugger, and had only reappeared in the last few days following a ten day absence. This was my first visit for it, but CJW had dipped on it once before, and GAS twice before! It was getting personal between some of the Clayheads and this bird.

We arrived at Elton Hall Flash at 12-30 but there were only two birdwatchers on site, and they were looking at Pumphouse Flash. We were told it was on the left of Elton Hall Flash, but all the birds were being repeatedly flushed by something, and we just knew it wasn't on that flash, as at one stage, every bird was in the air. We walked down to the Pumphouse Flash, only to be told it was on the left back up at Elton Hall. Then we realised it was on the left hand side of the road (opposite EHF), in a flooded area. We walked back up again and there was the Glossy Ibis walking just a few feet away from us behind the wood. We were looking through the trees and so it was probably unaware that we were standing there, but viewing was tricky through the branches.

The view through the trees with the Ibis on show.

GAS and CJW finally catch up with the evasive Ibis. A Cheshire tick for both!

Glossy Ibis at EHF

We finished off the short visit with a check through the gulls on Pumphouse Flash, having good views of the sleeping 1w Iceland Gull.

Iceland Gull on Pumphouse Flash

PJ visited Sandbach Flashes on the 28th January when the Glossy Ibis was showing a little bit better. His pictures are below.