Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday 20th January 2012 - A rainy day

It rained today, all day. Infact, it was raining when I left the house at 05-00hrs this morning and it never stopped. The news that a GREEN-WINGED TEAL was a Sandbach Flashes caused us to head up there, despite the weather. It was actually only raining lightly when we arrived, and I soon found it sitting on the bank right at the back of Elton Hall Flash. There were also four BLACK-TAILED GODWITS.

The Green-winged Teal at Sandbach Flashes.
Then it was onto wet, rainy Westport. Its a bit of a struggle at Westport at the moment, as nothing it really happening there at the moment. Today, the Fowlea Brook was quite swollen, and that was about as good as it got.