Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sunday 31st October 2010 - Cornwall

With the clocks going back, there was mass confusion among the Clayheads as to what time we were setting out for the trip to see the AMERICAN BITTERN in Cornwall. GAS changed some of his time pieces and so after I had stood at the top of the street for ten minutes I rang him to see where he was. He wasn't sure whether it was 01-00hrs or 03-00hrs. CJW on the otherhand had been waiting an hour already as he had forgot to change his. In the end, we set off some 40 mins later than planned. The M5 was also shut around Weston-super-Mare and so we faced another delay. All this meant we were due to arrive at Trewey Common in Cornwall at 07-50hrs, rather later than we had anticipated. In the end, I managed to park up at 07-40hrs, and we raced into position with the rest of the crowd, eagerly waiting for the AMERICAN BITTERN first flight of the day. Unfortunately, there was no sign for the first hour, and I started to fear the worse. In fact, I knew we had already probably dipped. Trewey Common, Cornwall
We thought we were in with a chance when the cows started to walk into the pool area, but again nothing. Then, from out of nowhere, a "vet" suddenly appeared to have a closer look at the cows. He went over the fence and along the field and then ever so carefully he walked towards the grassy area and the cows. And bingo! The American Bittern promptly flew up from the grass directly in front of us and had a nice fly around before dropping into the pines. An amazing sight and all down to the "vet" looking at the cows. The whole crowd clapped and cheered the "vet". He'd done a good job. The "vet" finishes checking the cows GAS and CJW celebrate ticking the American Bittern
We waited for another view, but by 10-00hrs, we decided to head off. Our next target was for the GREEN HERON in the Lost Gardens of Heligan - a tick for CJW but mine and GAS's third in Britain. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worse and it was raining by the time we arrived. We had no news about the GREEN HERON on the pager, but the car park attendant informed us that it was still present, but on the furthest pool. CJW, who had not been out with us for a few weeks decided to get his boots on. I don't think he'd cleaned them since his last trip. We found the pool with no problem, and the 1w Green Heron showed a treat, despite the rain and the poor light. So I ended the day with just two birds written in my notebook, but what a crackin' pair! Chris celebrates his two ticks whilst sitting in a very posh hide The Hidden Valley in the Lost Gardens of Heligan