Saturday, 4 September 2010

September 4th 2010 - Flamborough Hd and the EOW dip

A full turnout from the Clayhead Crew saw PJ, CJW and GAS heading for Flamborough hoping to see the EASTERN OLIVACEOUS WARBLER that had been present for three days during the week while we were busy at work. Alas, it was not to be and we all dipped. We were very fortunate while we were waiting to meet the legendary ASBO crew. It was a wonderful experience to witness the ASBO's in the field, and learn from their exciting new techniques. Here, ASBO leader and Warwickshire legend Archie Archer demonstrates his new technique for sky watching.

We stood looking for the EOW for nearly three hours. CJW managed to find a secret stash of cakes in the field. Here he tries to eat one without anyone noticing.

Fortunately, with decades of fieldcraft behind him, PJ noticed the secret cake eating and managed to get one himself.

Here CJW denies all knowledge of the secret cakes and refuses to tell me where they were. A double blow for me personally. Cake and EOW dipping in the same day.