Sunday, 12 September 2010

Saturday 11th September 2010 - Norfolk

The week had quietened down a little as it came to the weekend, but the ARCTIC WARBLER was starting to appear on the pager more frequently. So, we decided for the second Saturday running to run the risk and leave Staffordshire. After all, two of the Clayhead crew still needed ARCTIC WARBLER for their British Lists. The forecast wasn't good, and so we had a lie in and headed off at 05-00hrs. Holme was our first stop. As we passed the Redwell Marsh, there was only one car parked in the field. We decided to pop into for the RED-NECKED PHALAROPE and try to get away without paying the £3 entry fee. After all, there was just the one car. We had good views of the juvenile Red-necked Phalarope, and came out £3 lighter off each!

Next was for the ARCTIC WARBLER. For two hours this little gem led us a merry dance through the pines at Holme. Brief 5 second glimpses in the tops of the pines were all we got. Luckily we could follow it around and so we had enough views to be satisfied. Unfortunately, Arctic Warbler is still not on my photo list, but here's a nice crowd shot - all crammed into a tiny spaces craning their necks.

Then it was on to Cley and the East Bank for WRYNECK and LAPLAND BUNTING. The Laps were no Problem - we had them flying over our heads as we sat on the ridge for two hours waiting for the WRYNECK to show. We also had the wind blowing in our faces for the whole time. Our time was livened up by a photographer who decided to sit facing us. Below is a picture. The WRYNECK was actually found only a few metres behind him. One birder decided to go down and ask him why he was sitting where he was. The Wryneck then flew out of the grass behind him and we finally got our views. The funny thing was about this bloke - his camera was never set up!

Bird of the day though was a Ruddy Shelduck sat with the Egyptian Geese. This picture is especially for my good friend, the Blurred Birder. He'll appreciated the quality of the picture plus the birds in it.

Lastly, the Lapland Buntings showed well as we walked back to the car