Saturday, 11 February 2017

Crossing the boundary - birding in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Just realised I'd forgot to mention in my previous blog about two birds I'd seen locally recently. DK refound the immature Iceland Gull on the new housing estate at the bottom of Keele Bank on 1st February. It showed extremely well sat on a house roof and I was able to take these shots with my phone through Brian C's new scope.

Immature Iceland Gull near Poolfields
Then I ventured into dangerous territory by visiting Bent Lane recently. Don't really feel comfortable visiting this site as I may get Guillemot eggs thrown at me by the local sea bird expert. Anyway, no sign of the Iceland Gull but the three Tundra Beans were showing quite well. 

Tundra Bean Geese at Lord Bentner Lane

Tonight's song is dedicated to all the sea watchers at Berryhill Cliffs.