Sunday, 24 May 2015

The rest of May 2015

A quick blog to cover the rest of May, which following the recent fairly hectic spell during Spring, quietened down a bit.

My first butterfly tick of the year was this Dingy Skipper at the Void
A trip out on 16th May to Blacktoft Sands in Yorks to see the breeding Montagu's Harriers

We had to wait over an hour before the male came in to feed the female

Another excellent video below, this one has a nice commentary in the background by a typical visitor to an RSPB reserve. 

Next stop a Temminck's Stint at the impressive North Cave Wetlands

There was also a Wood Sandpiper, shown here with the Temminck's as well.

CJW, "Grizzly" and pops. The other bloke chatted to us but was not part of our group

Last stop was at Anglers CP, Wakefield for a special Lesser Scaup that slept most of the time

Special because its my first one since it had the official BBRC rare status removed

and when it woke, it revealed its nasal band added to it on a trip to Portugal