Sunday, 29 March 2015

27th March 2015 - Iceland Gull and Surf Scoter North Wales

Having earned enough Brownie points during my week off to last me until the end of the month at least, I made a quick trip to North Wales with my friends Jack Jones and Bill Nomatez. First stop was at Pensarn for the Iceland Gull that comes to bread in the car park. At first it was on the beach acting like a real gull, but as soon as more cars arrived, it came closer and showed rather well. So in true photographer fashion, here are 40 photos of an Iceland Gull. Skip through when you get bored.


  Iceland Gull at Pensarn

Next stop on my mini tour was Old Colwyn Bay, just down from the Rainbow Bridge. The light was good today, the sea was calm and amazingly the Scoter flock was close in. I've never seen such a large flock so close before. A quick scan through revealed ......then I had a better look. I soon found a drake Surf Scoter but it quickly disappeared. Later, I found two drakes and a female and these allowed better views. Eventually, the whole flock flew, revealing five Velvet Scoters.  As they showed so well, I managed to video the Surf Scoter. Hopefully this video will give you hours of fun and replicate what it's like to grill the North Welsh scoter flock.

Also I managed to take some stunning photos, almost to the same standard as the Surf Scoter off Filey earlier this year that showed so well.


 Surf Scoters showing well of North Wales coast

 Final stop of the day was at Cop Mere in Staffs for the drake Garganey. Unfortunately it was quite elusive at the far end, but I did manage the one "Steve Seal" full framer. 

Any of the photographs that appear in this blog are available to buy. Just send a cheque for £50 and I will print them off for you on white A4 paper bought from Morrisons.