Sunday, 3 August 2014


Every year or so Mrs PJ needs her ' Greek fix '!! she loves the Greek Islands and would go every year if she had her way. I agree they are very nice but are a bit ' birdless ' especially in July. Lesbos being the exception but I would imagine thats a bit quiet in mid summer. So as I sat by our pool on the first evening with a cool Mythos & the latest Stephen King I was unaware of the show that was about to start. Our terrace overlooked a valley leading down to the sea, as I looked up I saw a Common Buzzard drifting over, I then spotted a smaller slimmer raptor a bit further away, as it turned and the evening sun caught it I could see that not only was it dark on top but also dark below I immediately knew that it was an Eleonoras Falcon, a bird I had seen in Morocco and on Lesbos but I had never seen a dark morph before. I ran in to get my camera, when I came back out there were 2 of them, then 3 & 4 of both light and dark morphs I didn't know where to look or which direction to point the camera in fact I think I probably panicked. There was no need to panic however because they repeated the show every evening, I had 12 birds all together on the second evening all fly catching some coming really close I even managed a few decent pics, they were brilliant & made my holiday.  

Other birds during the week included Scops Owl, Crag Martin, Pallid Swift, Sardinian Warblers and a single Bonellis Warbler - eastern I would of thought.

Butterflys were everywhere, some I've still got to identify but the more obvious ones included Southern White Admiral, Swallowtails & Scarce Swallowtails & Cleopatras.

Above - Cleopatra

Two Southern White Admirals

A Swallowtail

We also had a Praying Mantis on the table one evening, there's something unnerving about an insect that actually turns its head and follows you around the room !!