Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mid March 2014

I hope you don't think the blog is becoming like that blog that is always a month behind, or even one of those blogs that ends then restarts under a different name, and then ends again. 

No, its just I've been doing quite a bit of birding recently, mainly due to my short unscheduled holiday nearing its end. I needed to test my physical strength during March, so what better way than a few birding trips.

Monday 17th March 2014
Following our return from our Scottish adventure, I took CJW up to Broken Cross in Macclesfield to look for the COUE'S ARCTIC REDPOLL that had been visiting a birders garden here. PJ and PLo had successfully seen it on Sunday. We stood for two hours watching the Redpoll come and go, but there was no sign today of the Coue's. Good views were had of several Mealy Redpoll though. 


Mealy Redpoll at Macclesfield

Friday 21st March 2014
Westport had a small purple patch at the end of March. On 19th, a Green Woodpecker showed well in the back, on 20th, a flock of Golden Plover and an adult Kittiwake flew over, on 21st, an Oystercatcher spent a few hours feeding around the lake, on 22nd, two Little Egrets flew over, and on 25th two more Kittiwake dropped in, plus my earliest ever British Swallow was seen.  

Pictures taken with my phone at Westport - Cormorant, Kittiwake and Oystercatcher

Saturday 22nd March 2014
A day out in Staffs with CJW was hard going, until we popped into Blithfield on the way back home. There we saw a fine drake Garganey and two early LRP's.

Drake Garganey at Blithfield - my first one in March in Staffordshire