Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Saturday 23rd February 2013 - The Clayheads leave Somerset and head to Gloucestershire

We had spent a little bit longer than planned at Steart Point, but we still had plenty of time for our final destination of the day - Slimbridge. Following our successful military style operation to get all three of us in, we headed straight to the Holden Tower. Here the bulk of the remaining White-fronted Geese were feeding (224) plus the Bewick's Swans (294). Among the geese were the three Tundra Bean Geese, all showing quite well. CJW spotted a Peregrine in the distance and to complete today's selection of geese, a single Egyptian Goose was present. From the other hides overlooking this area, I counted a whopping 194 Pintail.

One Tundra Bean with the White-fronts

Resting Bewick's

A fine Egyptian Goose

The Tundra Bean Goose again

Next stop was the Zeiss hide, but we had to check the pens as we walked past them.

A Bewick's Swan at Rushy Pen - probably named Charlie or something like that

I know what you are thinking - why has he put a photo of Westport in the blog. Honestly, it is Slimbridge

There was only one bird seen from the Zeiss hide (there was a claim of two distant Dunlin made by CJW). It was one of those amazing birding moments as we watched a Bittern perform in the reed bed literally yards in front of us. At one stage it even came out and perched on the grass in front of us. All the long lens boys had left the hide, and us small lens boys had the bird to ourselves. A fine end to a day where we witnessed not only good birds, but incredible views as well. A day to remember and certainly not a day to be missed.

The Zeiss Bittern

CJW managed this shot with his Canon F500 lens (£2500 worth of equipment!). Only joking - it was taken with his phone!