Sunday, 16 December 2012

Saturday 15th December 2012 - More than one Void in my life

It's been a strange week. Following the highs of the successful Suffolk twitch, the week simply petered out with very little birding done due to one reason or another. My house was full of colds and flu, and I was the only fit one left standing (who would have thought that hey!).

On Wednesday I popped in to see the gulls on the Void. The Gull-boys have been putting in some good sessions here recently, turning up one or two nice finds. The 1w Iceland Gull was present, but no sign of any of the Caspian Gulls.

1w Iceland Gull on the Void 12th December 2012

 I paid another visit on Saturday 15th, again seeing the Iceland Gull. It took nearly one and a half hours before DK spotted the 1w Caspian Gull. We also had three Yellow-legged Gulls.

The 1w Iceland Gull again

Above three pictures showing the 1w Caspian Gull on 15th December 

We also saw quite a few darvic rung gulls, most of which we found impossible to read. Its obviously far easier than reading metal rings, but dark red letters on dark blue darvics?

This one we nearly read, but then again it could have been upside down

Two darvics on this, the distance was the problem with this one