Saturday, 17 November 2012

Friday 16th November 2012 - 30 years of hurt and two days of agony

What a week! Last Saturday was quite good to say the least. When you flog local patches weekend afer weekend, its nice sometimes to have good days. It makes it all seem worthwhile. This Saturday, I'm sat at home...

It all started at Westport, like all good stories do. Mid morning on Sunday, I headed back to try out my daughters new wellingtons. I didn't like the colour and frankly they were way too small, but we managed. It was here that I started having "heartburn pains". These carried on all day, and by the evening, my chest and arms were aching quite a bit. I had hardly any sleep, Deep Heat didn't work (was it muscular?), Gaviscon didn't work. I rang in sick on Monday morning and tried, but failed to get into my doctors (thats another story for a long twitch one day). I spent all day with a hotwater bottle on my chest trying to ease the pain. I eventually got into to see the Doc at just after four. By 7pm, following a ride in an ambulance, I was on a trolley having surgery in hospital, and getting to terms with the fact that I'd had a heart attack. It wasn't what I'd always imagined a heart attack to be like. I had after all, done all the hoovering and cleaned out the rabbit, and so, it was hard to accept what had happened. I'm only 42 after all.  

The operation went fine, a stent was fitted, and my heart rate was back to normal the following day. A few days in hospital and on Thursday, I was allowed out. GAS picked me up, and first place we headed to was, Westport. I did manage to walk one lap on my first afternoon out, even though I was in serious trouble afterwards.

Meanwhile, while all this was happening, a WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER had been found at Drayton Bassett. I found this slightly irritating, but in my predicament, I would just have to accept it. As a young teenage birder in shorts, I had been told about the story of the Rudyard 1989 White-rumped Sand and how it had been suppressed. I was even pointed out the person alledged to have been involved, and it leaves a lasting impression on you. And so when, finally, after over 30yrs another WRS turns up, I felt a sense of justice had been done now.

Friday arrived, and after popping into work (with my first ever sick note), we headed down to DBP. At 09-30hrs we had confirmation that it was indeed still present. We knew we would have to go in via the old way, as there was no way I, or pops could managed a 45mins walk from the car park in the mud. The old way was just what the doctor ordered. 

The pit south of the North Pit

At first, it was out of view on the backside of an island, but we didn't have to wait long before the 1w White-rumped Sandpiper came into view. Despite the grey day/grey bird/grey background, it did actually show quite well, especially when it flew to the closest island. 

The 4th White-rumped Sandpiper for Staffordshire

It may be a few weeks until I can walk to the pits now. Oh well. But maybe I was the lucky one this time.  

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