Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday 8th September 2012 - Mousing with the Clayheads

While some members of the Clayhead gang were out of the county today, back in Staffs PJRS and AMJ (a female clayheader!!) spent a pleasant morning with the Staffordshire Mammal Group checking the Rodent traps which were put out last night at Aqualate. In total two Yellow-necked Mice were trapped; a species which is at the northern most part of their range. They are identified from Wood Mice by their yellow ' vee neck jumpers' . Two Bank Voles, six Common Shrews and numerous Wood Mice were also trapped. Field Vole, Pygmy Shrew and Harvest Mouse (rare) failed to put in an appearance. All photo's below are by PJ.

Bank Vole

Common Shrew

Yellow-necked Mice