Monday, 16 July 2012

The Clayheads receive the ultimate honour

The latest Gyr Crakes video is out.

Amazingly, the producers have decided to feature three of the Clayheads this time. At 3:26 minutes, we appear, sunbathing on the garrison.

We were unaware as to who took this picture, but there were plenty of birders around. It was a gorgeous, sunny September day. The Scillonian crossing, costing a special £25 day return, was like a mill pond. We had excellent views of a probable Sunfish, 25+ Common Dolphins, including four swimming alongside the boat, 2+ Harbour Porpoise and a pod of 10+ Risso’s Dolphins, as well a few Pom Skuas.

Our main purpose was to see the Buff-bellied Pipit on St Mary's, and excellent views were had indeed.

It really was an excellent day trip. We had an hour to spare. So we sat on the Garrison, and having been up since 01-30hrs, we enjoyed a little sleep. Great days indeed!