Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunday 6th May - The Clayheads visit an RSPB reserve

Following our succesful trip to see the putative ATLAS FLY at the South Landing, we headed up towards the lighthouse. A WRYNECK had been showing in the gorse field. Just before we arrived it had flown over the top and out of view. We hung around for a while, scanning the area from different angles but there was no sign. We did see several Grey Partridges and Lesser Whitethroats.

Next we went to view the cliffs by the fog station, seeing three Auk sp plus Gannet, Fulmar, Kitt etc

Having forgot his scope, PJ took advantage of the optics provided on site


CJW decided to stand on his own headland
Fulmars having a small dispute

There were bits and bobs turning up (such as a fly by Pallid H over Spurn) but generally this coast was rather quiet. Having dipped on the full frame Puffin shots, we decided to head to Bempton Cliffs. The place was absolutely heaving with day trippers and a few birdwatchers and photographers that hogged the best positions.
Gannets were showing well and on the increase apparently.
PJ won the "Gannet in flight" photo competition


Not too many Puffin on show

We were even given help by the RSPB staff as we stood and watched..... 
and so this is a Guillemot.....

....and this a Razorbill. Think I've got that right.....

.....and the full frame Puffin shot we were all after