Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday 28th April 2012 - Thanks a lot

I headed down to Blithfield today in search of the Green-winged Teal and any lingering terns from the weeks influx. We sat in Tad Bay waiting for the GWT to show when I received the news that a Wheatear had been seen at Westport - useful year tick I thought. Then worse was to follow. I received a call saying there was a Pied Fly by the Ted Heath rocks - a much needed site tick having missed two previously. Initially I was told it was mobile, then it appeared to settle in one tree. We made a decision to head back to Westport, a journey of about 40 mins. I received news it was still showing at 10-45hrs, and I was due to arrive at 11-05hrs. We parked up and headed straight across to the rocks. I could see PL in the distance and joined him, only to find he was the only birder on site. He hadn't seen the Pied Fly yet as he had arrived late as well. We searched for an hour but there was no sign of it. The trail had gone cold.
CJW made a return visit in the evening and amazingly refound the Pied Fly. I hurtled down and finally managed to see the Pied Fly! Thanks Chris

Below is another excellent drawing from the Phil Jones collection, and many thanks to him for allowing me to use this sketch. Phil can be contacted on