Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Monday 12th December 2011 - A Staffs tick!

News started filtering thru today on Birdnet that an EIDER was present for its 2nd day at Rudyard. Several strokes of luck meant that Steve Seal was off today and able to pop up and confirm its presence, plus I started work at 0600 today and so I was able to have a legitimate early finish. Unfortunately tho, I only had my bins on me as I'd stopped carrying my scope in the car with me on a daily basis now as it was winter. I arrived at the sailing club at Rudyard at 14-20hrs, and was soon watching my first Eider in Staffs. Having missed the Westport EIDER by a day (I'd paid a visit the day before but decided not to go the day the EIDER was present) it was a welcome addition, especially as Eider have become quite scarce in Staffordshire in the last decade.

So due to have no scope or camera with me, I had to phonebin!

But Steve Seal produced the goods again, and with his kind permission, I am able to post some of his pictures below. Thanks Steve again!

Check out Steves blog here