Thursday, 18 August 2011

17th August 2011 - Gailey

A quick trip to Gailey after work eventually saw the s/pl Red-necked Grebe showing well from the causeway. This is my first RNG in Staffs since the Alrewas 2006 birds. Its also amazingly my 5th summer plumage bird. We have been blessed with these recently. Below are the other four s/pl birds that I've seen.

1987 Staffordshire Blithfield Reservoir A s/pl on 23rd April.
1989 Staffordshire Belvide Reservoir A s/pl on 28th May.
2000 Staffordshire Chasewater A s/pl on 29th April.
2003 Staffordshire Blithfield Reservoir A s/pl was seen on 7th & 22nd June.

I also managed to visit Pops in hospital after tea. He was in good spirits following his successful operation to mend his ankle. They even made precautions so that they stuck his leg back on the right way round.