Sunday, 24 July 2011

Saturday 23rd July - A quiet day in Staffordshire

Not much around locally at the monent so we visited the usual haunts on a Saturday. After a very quiet visit to Westport, we were down at Blithfield for about 0830am. As we walked down to Tad Bay, Martyn, Kay and Richard Powell were already walking back up - not a good sign! But we soon found out the answer - we were looking straight into the sunlight (is easy to forget that when you arrive early at Blithers, you go to Blithe Bay first!). We had 8 Common Snipe and a Redshank in Tad, but Blithe Bay was fairly quiet, with just a Greenshank on show, and as we walked back round Beech Tree, a Kingfisher flew past. From the point, we could see an adult Yellow-legged Gull on the causeway. By the time we returned to Tad Bay, the light had improved. The Osprey was perched up, and Richard managed to find a Dunlin.

And this was about as good as it got. I headed off to the pits, and in 4hrs, all we managed were two Green Sands, a couple of Little Egrets and another Kingfisher.

Especially for you Martyn - hybrid geese!

Butterfly pics for all those who give up birding in the summer and wait for those who are still birding to find something for you

One or two Cormorants

An almost in focus Yellow Wag - at least the pebbles in the background are in focus