Monday, 30 May 2011

Second half of May 2011

Monday May 16th An early start/finish at work meant we could hurtle off to Cheshire & North Wales where the previous day a Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Citrine Wagtail and Broad-billed Sand had been seen. We were short of time and so headed to Conwy first, where after a 30 minute wait, the 1st summer male Citrine Wagtail finally came back into view, worked its way along the far shore and promptly disappeared again.

Distant shot of Citrine Wag at Conwy.

We then drove back towards Frodsham. While we had been waiting at Conwy, the Buff-b had been reported on the pagers, but by the time we arrived it had not been seen for an hour and a half. We stood on the bank with the wind howling in our faces, along with the odd bit of drizzle. Excellent conditions for May. We were on the verge of giving up when suddenly the bloke next to me suddenly spotted it. We had a few views until it was flushed and it flew onto the mud flats. Further brief views of it behind the reed bed, but we had run out of time and and to head off.

Thursday 26th May After missing out on the Blithfield Red-necked Phalarope (Tues are not a good night for me, and this spring quite a few birds are turning up on Tues), I went down to Doxey after work for the Spoonbill. It had been showing well all day, but the time I arrived, it had been sitting behind the island for an hour. I did see it preen briefly.

Sleeping Spoonbill behind bush - Move over Steve Seal, there's a new kid in town!

Saturday 28th May We had decided to head off for a trip today, but nothing really caught our eye, and so a small Clayhead team decided to plod round Staffs again. And we were pleasantly surprised with what we saw when we were actually expected a bit of a naff day. Two more waders were added to the fine list of spring waders in the county with a Sanderling and a s/pl Grey Plover.
And I also managed a good site tick with the wandering Black Swan

Picture by special request of the Blurred Birder.

Sunday 29th May And so on to Staffs Mega Day - a day early this year but I'm not complaining. An afternoon call from PJ sent me bombing down the A50 to the new, flash in the pan, five minute wonder pits at Uttoxeter. The water level looks spot on there this year and its certainly producing the goods this year. The bird was a fine Lesser Yellowlegs, a great grip back for us newer Staffs lister as the last one was way back in 1995 when I was enjoying my few years of rest from birding.

Monday 30th May Chris had been off all last week and had visited Westport everyday. It would have been very harsh on him today, his first day back at work for me to find something at Westport. Well I walked round in the rain from 0600hrs until 0700hrs seeing nothing. I then sat in the car for a while and scanned the main lake.

Sorry Chris

PLEASE NOTE - Apart from the Spoonbill pic, no nest box lids were lifted up during the taking of any of these photo's