Monday, 30 August 2010

Monday 30th August 2010 - Leave your patch at your peril!

You turn your back on your local patch for 5 mins and something turns up. We decided to pop to Eyebrook Res this morning to see the Kentish Plover instead of an early visit to Westport. Unfortunately there was no sign of it this morning so we headed back home. At 09-20hrs, just after leaving Eyebrook, DK phoned to see where I was and to tell me there was a SANDWICH TERN at Westport. This was a Westport tick for me having missed two on previous occasions. We faced a 1hr45 mins journey back, but with constant updates from DK, "The Seal" and GAS we made it in time to see a tired, heavily moulting Sandwich Tern sitting on the jetty. Probably only the 8th record for Westport. First morning I've missed since 30th July at Westport and something turns up. Local patches - they have a sense of humour don't they.

CJW was so excited he forgot to look through both lenses of his bins.

Then he didn't know whether to look at it or take a photo - he blew his chances when it flew off